September 2nd, 2010 by Mike Fulton
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Welcome to our new website. We’re still sanding off the rough edges, and there are a few features we’ve got planned which aren’t yet ready, but the blog side is now functional.

This site is all about two things. The first is trying to raise public awareness about the thousands of older titles that have not yet been released in eBook format, and to lobby the book publishers of the world to release them. We’ll be talking about specific authors and specific titles and we’re hoping for a lot of input from you as well.

The second thing, which isn’t yet up and running, is to provide an online database of book titles and information about each one’s availability as an eBook. The idea is that if you can’t find a book in Amazon’s Kindle store, or Apple’s iBook store, or wherever you normally would look, then looking up the book in our database might tell you that it’s available directly from the publisher’s website, or the author’s website, or something like that.

That latter part of the website may take us awhile to get up and running, but we didn’t think we should wait on the blog side of things. The earlier we all start telling publishers that we’re interested in older catalog titles, the sooner they’ll get around to putting them out.

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