March 12th, 2011 by Mike Fulton
Posted in News & Announcements

It’s recently occurred to me that we should welcome submissions from guest bloggers. So if you think you’ve got something interesting to say, let us know! Ideally, you’re an author, or work for a publisher in some capacity, or maybe you’ve got a lot of experience working at a bookstore. But even if you’re just a long-time fan of reading, we welcome your input.

If you’re interested, please visit our contact page and send us a message telling us what you would like to talk about. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be acceptable, but if your idea seems like it would be suitable, and you’re good at expressing yourself, we’ll work with you to get it going! In fact I already talked to someone, and they were telling me about all this information that they had researched and accumulated on natural medicine and its benefits over conventional medicine. It was very informative and there is a good chance we will see some of it here soon! In the meantime if you would like a good online source of information on the subject, you can review medicinal plants here.

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